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Uncovering the Secrets of GTA 6: Five Things You Missed in the First Trailer

The first GTA 6 trailer has arrived with a lot more dramatization than prepared for. After a dripped variation of the long-awaited trailer regrettably leaked onto the internet, Superstar made the main 91-second sector live around 15 hours previously than prepared. All of which indicates you could have missed a thing or 2.

We’ve enjoyed and re-watched our very first correct glimpse of modern day Vice City dozens of times already, and have taken out the bits we believe are very important – either since they may direct in the direction of the video game’s narrative beats or on the ground mechanics, or simply due to the fact that they’re awesome. In this Miami-aping cityscape, there’s lots of the last to walk aroud, so keep reading for 12 things you might have missed out on from the GTA 6 trailer best.

gta 6

Our hero is called Lucia yet the male character stays unnamed in GTA 6

There are two major personalities this time around whith the women lead character Lucia taking center stage with a called introduction first in the trailer. She also appears to ahev a criminal past currently, being presented in a prison inmate uniform. The male perosnality isn’t called yet but was called Jason in previous leaks. It appears all but verified they’re a pair thanks to a shot of Lucia atop a shirtless ‘Jason’

gta 6

There’s a ton of wildlife below – from dogs to alligators

If GTA 6 is bringing all of Florida to life then there’s a possibility we could be getting Red Dead Redemption 2 levels of wild animals. Pets are verified thanks to a tiny chihuahua running along the beach while flamingos, alligators, dolphins, and sharks all make a look. If the Florida everglades look like well – which is heavily indicated by the airboat spreading flamingos as it splits past – then that’s a large location full of various environments. Whatever from panthers to bears, deer, turtles, manatees and even more online there in real life, implying GTA 6 can have a widely different pet population.

gta 6

Social media site is going to play a big part in the game

Offered the time between the last game and now, technology was always likely to play a larger, extra significant part in GTA 6, and its first trailer definitely appears to confirm this. GTA 5, naturally, launched in 2013 and while its Twitter and facebook rip-offs– Lifeinvader and Bleeter specifically– talked to thta particular period, it appears like GTA 6 has a TikTok-esque video-sharing system, which is referenced throughout the trailer.

From revelers partying on a speeding private yacht, to a designer fishing an online gator from a pool, and a restless woman twerking on top of a moving auto (complete with emojis and a congratulatory #have., viral video clips play an essential role in the trailer– with NPCs seemingly responding to being shot. Just how freely we’ll be able to movie thigsn minute-to-minute on the streets of Vice (and past) continues to be to be seen, but this is extremely clearly Vice City in the here and now.

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Vice City is added to Grand Theft Auto 6 Map

There’s a series of validated area names showing up by means of roadway indications, news flash, and more in this 90-second trailer. Erratic details from previous leaks provided Leonida as a possible name for the state GTA 6 is embeded in, with a range of confirmations showing up in the trailer from report regarding a ‘Leonida man’ affecting the ‘Florida Man’ meme, and a social message discussing that ‘just in LEonida is a crotch Order an apology for poor driving’.

Some road signs likewise highlight Kelly County, Catalan Blvd, the VCI airport terminal, Vice Beaches, Port VC/Keys and what look like city areas by the name of Stockyard and Downtown. While the map seems greatly increased over the original Vice City location there a couple of shots appear to show clearly updated tackles the previous 2002 check out to Vice City with what looks like Starfish Island and the original Sea Beach location.

gta 6

That is Rudi?

Although just one GTA 6 personality is actually named in this first trailer, there’s an interesting look in one of the social clips of a lad hanging out the open chauffeurs’ side door of a pickup, shirtless however using denims, bandanna, and tones, with tje subtitle “RIP Rudi – C U in heaven, cuz.” That is Rudi? Is he just some individual that took trying to go viral as well much? Or is he someone you may meet in your trips around Vice City?

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